How to Connect Your Phone Bluetooth to Your Ford Truck Using SYNC

Newer models of the F Series have Sync so you can connect your phone up to the system to accept phone calls and text messages through the sound system. You can only connect phone device at time like most Bluetooth systems.

For a Ford F-Series after 2017 follow these steps.

  1. Turn on your
  • Cell/Smart phone
  • Vehicle
  • Radio/SYNC 
  1. Enable the phone’s Bluetooth and put it in to discoverable mode. 
  2. Press the Phone button to access the Phone Menu.
  3. Presuming the phone hasn’t been pair before with Sync, please add a phone displays.
    Press Add.
  4. Follow the SYNC prompts, "Search for SYNC on your device and select SYNC once it is found.”
    From your phone’s Bluetooth menu, search for SYNC and select.
    A random six-digit number (PIN) displays on the SYNC screen for three minutes, during which time SYNC actively seeks for the exact same number from your cell/smart phone.
  5. Make sure that the number (PIN) displayed matches on both SYNC and your device.
  6. If the six digit (PIN) doesn’t appear on your phone/ smart phone you will be prompted to enter a PIN on the phone, type this six-digit number shown by SYNC into your phone.
  7. Once pairing is successful, a message displays confirming that the phone/ smart phone is connected.
    SYNC may prompt you with more phone options depending on features that the phone has. Automatic phonebook, music search and others.
  8. A pop-up message may appear on your phone requiring you to grant access to SYNC. Choose yes. 


It's also possible to pair a laptop or a notebook to Sync, please refer to Bluetooth on your computer. Having the latest Bluetooth Drivers and Windows 10 audio drivers are recommend.